Monday, 12 March 2018

Four Basic Things Needed for Making a Website

There are several things that come into play when building your own website. Even if you’re not personally making it, you should be aware of a few things and how they work. In some cases, the website is more complex, so you might not understand everything, but the basics are the same. From careful planning and analytics to dependable cloud storage, here are a few of the things you definitely should know when you’re making a website. These tips are followed by various web development companies Dubai has to offer.


The look and feel of a website should be unique. Taking inspirations from other sites is a must, but the end version should be your own. Carefully think about what you want your site to offer – and how – because the design is the first part of the website that interacts with the users.
HTML and CSS are the basic languages that you’ll be using, so make sure your website functions like a modern site and make full use of both. They are very easy to learn too. Don’t be afraid to use them even if you didn’t have previous knowledge, because you’ll quite easily get the hang of them.


This depends on the website you’re building, but in many cases, a good site can be turned into a great one with good usage of website scripting. From a static page, you get a dynamic one, and your users can interact in ways that will be helpful to both you and them. A few examples of website scripting are contact forms, interactive buttons and controls, and shared content between web pages. These things can be more difficult to integrate into your site, as they require usage of more advanced languages like JavaScript, or Ruby on Rails.


Every browser displays the design differently. This means that you have to optimise the website, so that it’ll be displayed properly on every browser. Optimising for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, and Opera is a must, and a practice that any web development agency Dubai will follow. You don’t want to alienate users of different browsers.

Another thing to keep note is the screen size of every device. If you have an adaptive design, then the website will display properly on all phones, laptops, computers, and tablets. 

Domain and Hosting

Arguably the most important part is hosting. Without it, there won’t be an actual website that can be visited on the internet. The domain is the part of the website that uses its name and represents the IP addresses that you’ll use. Both are incredibly important, and without them, you don’t have a website.
Depending on your website, you may need a different host for different things. If you’ve included more advanced elements, then a host that can handle them is a must, since the host represents the server that your files will be on.

There are other, more subtle things to know when you’re making a website. Even though anyone can make a website using different tools, it’s recommended to understand those tools better so that you’ll make a website of higher quality.

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